• Teacher for “Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method”
    Master Chen Zhonghua’s disciple and representative for Germany
  • Zen-Shiatsu Health Practitioner (certified by DGAM/BfG)
  • Qigong Teacher

About me

Beside being a martial and healing artist I am also a musician.
I was born on 1975 in Bavaria, Germany, and moved to Berlin in 1997. There I was going for a career as Jazz Guitar Player, but in 2003 my live changed quite a lot, so the Asian Martial- and Healing Arts became my profession. Nevertheless I keep my musicians heart, playing the Indian Bamboo flute and learning about the old traditional Hindustanic Music from North-India.

I am teaching “Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method” since 2010 in Berlin, Germany.

Further I provide health care service with Zen-Shiatsu since 2007. This is a holistic method of treatment, coming from Japan with roots from the old Chinese Medicine.

Since 2009 I am also teaching basic knowledge in Qigong, which are ancient Daoist methods of self-development, holistic health care and meditation.



2003   I began practicing Chen Style Taijiquan. My first teacher was a disciple of Cheng Lijun, one of the first Masters of this art who came to Germany in these days. Further I had contact to Master Chen Xili, his father Master Chen Quanzhong, and Jan Silberstorff, Germanys representative of Master Chen Xiaowang. This was the time I did learn the first form, the “Yilu”, for the first time.

2004-2007   Education in Qigong with Master Zhi Chang Li, Master Xu Mingtang, Heiner Fruehauf and Joachim Stuhlmacher.

2005   I started to study Chen Style Taijiquan from Master Xiao Jimin, son of Xiao Qingling, a disciple of Grandmaster Chen Fake. This was the time I did learn the classic “Yilu” for the second time, as there where some differences to my first version.

2005-2008   Education to become a Zen-Shiatsu Health Practitioner (German: “Gesundheitspraktiker”) at the school of Jochen Knau in Berlin. Certificated by the DGAM (“Deutsche Gesellschaft für alternative Medizin” – translated: “German Association for alternative Medicine”)

2010   My first full-time training in “Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method” in China. Trainer Level One certificate.

2011   Private training and workshops with Master Chen Zhonghua in Germany and Italy

2012   Private training and workshops with Master Chen Zhonghua in Berlin, since then we had Master Chen in Berlin every year
my second time full-time training on Daqingshan with Meister Chen Zhonghua (3 month)

2013   On May 28th Master Chen Zhonghua accepted me as his disciple
I am Master Chen’s first disciple from Germany, and I serve as his representative in my home country

2014    Certification “Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method – Level 2 Instructor” by Master Chen Zhonghua

2015    My third full-time training in “Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method” in China (4 month)

2016    I became the “International Manager” for our Taiji school in China. We as a family decided to make Daqingshan mountain in Shandong Province, China, our home base.



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Chinese Print Press

The Chinese Magazine “Women from China” did publish an article on me and my family, moving to China to dedicate ourself to Taijiquan. Thanks to the Author Sarah Wang and the allowance to republish it here. This was the print version in March 2017.

You can read the hole article here:

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Here I am speaking as the International Manager on Daqingshan, China, to present some special living projects on the mountain:


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